10 October

”I want you to #assassinate the head of the Bronski mob. Everyone tells me you’re the best.”

”Thanks. It’s nice to hear that twice in one day.”


”Yeah. Bronski said the same thing this morning.”
12 October

You told me, after you had driven me to it, that killing that clerk would forever #bind me to your enterprise.

I am ashamed it took me so long to realize the obvious.

No, begging will not save you. How did you put it? “Don’t listen to his pleas! Just strike!”

14 October

“Brave kid,” the old man said, “breaking in here.”

The teen turned his knife so it caught the light. “Gimme your money!”

The old man smiled, puckering the scar that ran from the bridge of his nose to the angle of his jaw. “#Cemetery is stuffed with brave men.”
16 October

“Good morning, Colonel!”

“You’re very chipper this morning, Mr. Schmidt.”

“I view every day as an adventure, sir.”

“An admirable approach, I must say. I’m sorry that you’re leaving us.”

“I feel the same, Colonel.”

“It’s that time. Would you like a #blindfold?”
11 October

Dan thought he had seen the last of Amanda when the swamp closed over her car. Now she was always just at the edge of his eye. He did not know if her ghost #tortured him or his own unexpected conscience.

She was still there after he signed the confession.
13 October

“You’re under arrest.”

“What? Why?”

“There’s a severed arm and a leg in your trunk.”


“I have reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed.”

“Hey, it’s not illegal to #dismember a corpse!”

“It is too. Also, where did you *get* the corpse?”

15 October

The old sign was beset with kudzu, but Noel could still make out the message:

Left pointing hand 

“That sounds like fun,” he said, trotting down the path.

The red door clicked shut behind him. On the slowly-opening black door opposite:


“#VSSMURDER Week Two” ©2020 Dirck de Lint, although I’m well aware that Twitter will do as it pleases with the content, since it appears on their platform.