Other Sites I Like

Just a few links to sites I rather like, many of which I should probably be submitting to more regularly.  In no particular order, because I’m not in a curatorial mood.

Fiction of the Sort I Like

The Drabblecast

Agnes and True

Escape Pod


Trigger Warning: Short Fiction with Pictures

Shimmer (no longer producing new volumes, alas)


Polar Borealis

Devilfish Review

Diabolical Plots (home of the infinitely useful Submission Grinder)


Beneath Ceaseless Skies


T. Glen Davis’s Speculative Blog

The Dark

Electric Spec

Strange Horizons

Deep Magic


Lovecraft Ezine (fiction and non-fiction)

The First Line


Fantasy & Science Fiction

Book View Café

Friends and Family, but also (mostly) creative 

Stu Glennie, a longtime friend who also struggles to vent all the words in his head to prevent explosions.

Gavin de Lint, my brother, whose creativity runs in a different direction than my own.

Yarnivore, a friend and one-time co-worker who knits somethin’ fierce.

Ironwulf Studio, the enterprise of another friend who fate has put on the far side of a mountain range and a body of water.

Chokecherry Forge, run by another friend who likes convincing steel to do interesting things.

May Contain Monkeys, comics and games by… well, a friend of friends, really, but we get on well enough when in the same place.

L. Slater Photography, which is rather self-explanatory.

Saskatchewan Paranormal and Supernatural Team, of which an acquaintance is a member, and the activities of which occasionally give a nudge of inspiration.

Paper Umbrella, the proprietors of which I have become friends with because I’m in there frequently seeking the materials for my own creative efforts.