17 October

When she stopped in the dark between two streetlights, he was surprised. He'd seen her notice him in his #stalk. He had expected her to run.

He put his hand on his knife as she turned.

A deeper darkness flowed from her eyes. Engulfed, he screamed into eternity.
19 October

It was his first #hunt. Nervous, he did as the others in the party— checking magazines, easing straps. One of the older men leaned closer.

“Don’t worry, kid,” he said, even as the first roar echoed from the cave. “They never kill all of us. Let’s get running.
21 October

I haven’t slept well in weeks. The #nightmare drives me awake, and the terrible images keep sleep at arm’s length. Every night, I butcher my lover.

Again, tonight. This time, I drive a knife over and again into the sleeper beside me.

I... I should wake up now.
24 October

Jenkins peered through the shutter. "Awful lot of 'em, Sarge."

"Aye?" The big man shrugged. "But they ain't come in after us. Cowards. Likely try fire."

"What'll we do, Sarge?"

A drawn sword was the answer. "We'll show them what a #butcher's bill is, lad."
18 October

A horror writer often hears, “I bet nothing can #scare you!”

Totally wrong. I’m scared of loads of stuff. I sit daily, weeping as I write, shovelling terror out of my imagination to pack the dreams of others.

Tweets are short. Just room for: brain-eating amoebas.
20 October

A simple #kidnap job, they said. Chloroform the maid. Grab the kid. Shake the big deal artist down for a bundle.



Kid's ten feet tall. Got a word I don't know carved into his marble brow, the only flaw in his cherubic face.

And he never gets tired.
22 October

People think my entire goal is to #exsanguinate. Understandable, since ex sangua surgit vitam meam.

Ah, dear. I’m losing my mother tongue.

Do not fear. I will only take some refreshment, and in the morning, you will once again believe things like me do not exist.

“#VSSMURDER Week Three” ©2020 Dirck de Lint, although I’m well aware that Twitter will do as it pleases with the content, since it appears on their platform, and there’s also some words I didn’t tweet which I make no claim to.