A Thing I Don’t Know

I know that people who follow this site get an email alert that I’ve run out a post like this one here. What I don’t know is whether it does the same when I set up a page with a new story.

Which I just did.

But it’s a secret.

You see, after [inarticulate mumble indicating an uncomfortable timespan] I’m finally following my own procedure for putting up stories on this site. The Correct Procedure includes “give Patreon backers at least a week of advance access.” Since there weren’t any patrons, adhering to that item on the checklist seemed overly pedantic.

But now, possibly through a misunderstanding of how sympathetic magic works, I’ve done it right. So, if you were a patron, you could be reading the new story this very moment. If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably got the link in the sidebar just left of these words, but here it is also.

You’ll see it soon, without shoving money at me. That’s the way things roll here. Likewise everything else I publish her. You’ll see it… eventually. And if you didn’t get a notice of something being published before this post, then…

…my secrets are safe here. I believe I’ll rub my hands and cackle.

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Fountain pen fancier and repairer, intermittent intellectual, underfunded anarcho-dandyist, and self-admitted writer of fiction, who's given to frequently wishing everything he wrote of a nonfictional sort was being read aloud by Stephen Fry, and everything else by either Vincent Price or Christopher Lee.

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