Cling-On Technology

Just a little thing I threw at the wall on Twitter which I’d like to remember (and not just because I’m very pleased with the seasonal screen-name I came up with):

Above an article from New Scientist with the title "What if your phone had a robotic finger?" which shows a telephone with a mobile black plastic digit attached to its interface port, I have written: He tried to set the phone on his desk, but found its single finger clutching his hand. It was not painful, yet there was no getting it loose. "You can't leave me," the device said, in the voice of an elfin Dalek. "You love me, and we shall never part."

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Fountain pen fancier and repairer, intermittent intellectual, underfunded anarcho-dandyist, and self-admitted writer of fiction, who's given to frequently wishing everything he wrote of a nonfictional sort was being read aloud by Stephen Fry, and everything else by either Vincent Price or Christopher Lee.

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