Announcing the Next Announcement

I was gearing up to release a new story for tomorrow, when a voice came into my ear.  I’m not sure if it was Sloth or Wisdom, but what it said was reasonable.

“You damned fool– everyone will be having a party or plotting, Grendel-like, the destruction of everyone who is having a party.  No one will have a moment to look in at a new story, however short.”

I thus abandon the time-table only I know about, and prepare for the next release to appear not tomorrow, but in the new year itself, shortly after the hang-overs fade (all but mine, which shall never be born– woe, woe, the lot of the driver).

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Fountain pen fancier and repairer, intermittent intellectual, underfunded anarcho-dandyist, and self-admitted writer of fiction, who's given to frequently wishing everything he wrote of a nonfictional sort was being read aloud by Stephen Fry, and everything else by either Vincent Price or Christopher Lee.

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